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Looking to Sell Your Home in the Near Future?

Always Make Time to De-clutter: Remember that even if you put countless hours into getting your house staged, it won’t be beneficial if rooms still appear cluttered with unnecessary items. Potential buyers will not want to see extra belongings or knickknacks that shouldn’t be there. Taking time to remove excessive clutter will be worth it in the end as it will appear cleaner immediately. When a buyer is seeking to purchase their new home they are really looking for a fresh new start. If your house looks similar to their old one with rooms overstuffed, chances are they won’t be too interested in your home.


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Organize Furniture in a Strategic Way: You might think that arranging furniture against the wall provides more space in the room, this isn’t always ideal. How come?  The whole idea behind staging is to establish a vision for your potential buyers that speak directly do their needs and wants. Will they want to live in a room where all the furniture is lined up against the wall? Maybe, but chances are they won’t. Arranging chairs and couches in a manner that communicates a “gathering area” will tell your potential buyers that the room is perfect for socializing. Placing furniture away from the walls also clears an open path for traffic-flow.


Remember to Integrate Lighting: Too many homes are lacking enough lighting in them.  When you have adequate lighting throughout, it instantly makes a room feel welcome, happy and comforting; an environment that is attractive to anyone.  For the most effective approach, consider using both table/wall lighting and overhead lighting to balance things out.


Consider Making Some Decor Changes: Something to consider: decorations, art pieces, or a unique coffee table may have been a dream for your family and style, but it doesn’t mean these same things will attract the average home buyer. Simplicity is best when staging. While it may be hard to remove that mirror, paint a room or store away that coffee table, it might be the right decision if it is outside of the ordinary. When deciding what rooms to focus on and where changes can be made, put yourself in the minds of a potential buyer; this will hopefully make the process easier for you.


Finish Up Any Home Projects: When you’re a homeowner there are often many things on your to-do-list in relation to renovations or jobs around the house. Due to the likely long list and other life obligations, it’s super easy to get distracted and forget about some of those jobs that were once a priority. Before you decide to stage your home, do yourself a favor and finish any jobs that are half complete.  If your bathroom appears to need updates, potential buyers will view this as a unnecessary cost and stress they’ll have to deal with in the future.  Furthermore, leaving these jobs the way they are means interested buyers may see this as the perfect opportunity to negotiate a lower price on your home.


Alliston Self Storage Will Help Make Your Home Staging Easier
Removing clutter from your home with the goal of staging it is not always a simple job. Due to the fact that your prospective buyers will tour every room in your home, you don’t have the ease of simply moving old clothes, dishes, or decor to your garage or closet.  A more productive option? Look into professional self-storage. Renting a self-storage unit ensures items are out of sight but retrievable when you begin moving to your new home.  Save space and get a head start on moving your valuables!


Reach out to our team of specialists when you’re ready to learn more about our self-storage solutions. Alliston Self Storage makes it and easy to store your belongings. Need help deciding on a storage unit size? Check our rates for a price guideline or feel free to get in touch with us.


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