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Don’t Let Mold Threaten Your Stored Belongings: Follow these Tips

When it’s time to visit your storage unit to retrieve those summer items you had tucked away, you expect to see your belongings in the same shape you left them; specifically, the last thing  you want to encounter is mold on your patio set or outdoor furniture.

storage tips to avoid mold

As you know, it is not safe to use a fridge if there is mold present, and chances are that if you discover mold on your couch cushions, you’ll probably be pretty weary to use that too! Mold unfortunately happens and can be threatening to those items in your storage unit but the good news is that it can be prevented with some important steps. Read below for information on fighting this nasty substance:


Go with Climate Control

Historically, the majority of self-storage facilities were made similar to garages and were not equipped with either heating or cooling abilities. Today however, the storage industry has grown substantially and owners have realized the important need for climate-control to ensure belongings are stored in temperatures that will keep items protected. If you’re looking for storage you can trust in, you will have peace of mind in choosing a climate-controlled storage unit because temperatures and humidity levels are adjusted appropriately to keep your belongings in good condition. Sure, you may be slightly more for one of these units but the benefits far out-weigh the costs. Remember, mold develops in moisture and heat; through climate control you can bet that your storage unit will be free from the growth of unsightly mold.


Look After Leather Material Before Storing

This may come as a surprise, but leather is actually very prone to mold growth and it can even develop on leather in a climate-controlled unit if you don’t care for it properly beforehand. Before you store that leather couch away, get rid of any excess dirt through the use of a specialized leather cleaning aid. Failing to remove this residue means there will be little mold spores just waiting to grow. After you’ve applied this leather solution, simply wipe it down with vinegar and water as this will prevent the chance of new fungal spores from occurring. Lastly, place a small amount of conditioner or shoe wax on the leather; wax is better for harder leather and conditioner for soft leather. What do these do? Both help to keep the leather sealed, protected from moisture which again will stop the development of mold.


Be Sure to Clean All Hard Surfaces

Many people ignore cleaning dishes, glasses and other hard items because they assume they won’t be a target for mold people make the mistake of assuming they don’t need to clean glasses, dishes and other hard items since mold does not typically grow on these items. It’s important to remember though, that mold spores can still be present on these hard surfaces which with time can lead to gradual mold growth. Stay on the safe side and wipe down all of your hard items with bleach and water or an alternative cleaner of your preference, prior to storing these belongings in storage. Bleach is great because it will kill mold immediately. Be extra cautious with those items that may have been in close proximity to food such as your toaster or fridge.


Get the Cleaning Done Early On

Even the tiniest bit of moisture leftover on items can contribute to higher levels of humidity in your storage unit, which of course leads to mold forming. Be prepared ahead of time and have your belongings thoroughly cleaned a few days prior to storing them away so they have adequate time to dry.  Any belongings that have doors or drawers should be left open so they can be aired out and dried properly.


Consider Silicone Desiccants

Next time you buy shoes, consider keeping those small packets of silicone desiccant that come with them normally. Place a few of these in boxes that contain linens, leather shoes, or any soft fabric.  These packets help to absorb moisture so everything stays dry and free of mold.


Avoid a Rainy Day When Packing Your Storage Unit

If and when possible, load your storage unit on a nice day that does not include rain! The logic is simple; rain equals wet boxes, and potentially wet or moist belongings. If it’s raining and there is no way to reschedule, be sure you use a tarp to cover all of your boxes and belongings as you carry them from the vehicle to the storage facility.

Following these suggestions should keep your belongings entirely safe and mold-free while in storage. If you’re in need of self-storage in Alliston, we offer climate controlled storage units for your safety and convenience. Choose from a variety of unit sizes and take a look at our rates online or by reaching out to our team.


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