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Have an Unfinished Attic? Here are Some Handy Tips for Finishing it

There are not many home improvement projects that will provide the same benefits or be as cost-effective as remodeling your attic. Whether you’re looking to increase living space, improve storage flexibility or if you simply want to place more value on your home, upgrading your attic is a great idea. The great news is that it usually is far less effort and requires less time redoing, than a basement or other room in your home.

While you sit and wonder about adding more space to your home, it’s not always a simple matter and sometimes it’s tricky to bring those dreams to reality. If you are fortunate enough to have an accessible attic, it may be the perfect project to makeover!


Let’s Take a Look at Some Tips:


attic storage

Organize and Plan from Your Floor to Your Ceiling


Begin your planning phase by considering self-storage options near your home. Chances are your attic will be full of household items that must be considered; which items will you keep and what old furniture and knick-knacks will you toss? Rather than stressing about where you’ll move these stored items, you may easily rent a self-storage unit to keep your clothing, Christmas decorations, bikes, sports equipment, pictures, and any other personal belongings in; these items of course should be belongings you will require in the near future and that hold some value to you. Anything up in that attic you haven’t touched in years is probably safe to toss, unless there is sentimental value behind it.


Once everything is out of there and stored safely in a secure facility, it’s time to get measuring your space!


If you have 70 square feet or more, seven feet from floor to ceiling and seven feet of space in any direction, you have adequate space to redo your attic. You will want to consult with a construction contractor for information and advice on strengthening the floor with additional joists and subflooring.


We highly suggest that you install windows for additional light and ventilation; of course they are also a smart addition for secondary fire exits. Ensuring you have a ceiling fan in place will contribute to better air flow, and LED light fixtures will brighten up the room immensely. Dreamt of having a skylight? This is now the ideal place to install one!

Experiment with Finishing Touches and Enjoy the Process


After you’ve finished the necessary work, you can now focus on the fun and creative side of things; decorating of course! You’ll probably want to stick to simple décor and soft shades of paint to keep the room looking bright and clean.


Give these ideas a try if you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to customizing the space!


  • Renovate the attic into a private home office space, tucking desks into dormer spaces.
  • If you have a fashionista in your family, it may be the perfect place to expand their fashion desires by converting the space into a personal studio complete with wall mirrors.
  • Your children can enjoy a spacious bedroom by arranging their twin beds head to head against one wall.

Familiarize Yourself with Any Special Codes


Attic renovations can be extremely exciting and provide a great means in upgrading square footage; with that said, it’s always best to seek out the professionals for industry know-how and support. They construction experts know what applicable city building codes and neighborhood restrictions are in place, which provide you with important details to note prior to beginning the job. Knowing details ahead of time will most definitely save you time, money, and the stress that sometimes comes with the remodeling process. Suggested inspections prior to getting started, include the foundation, framing, electrical system, and plumbing.


Need Some Spare Room? We Can Help!


When you’re ready to bring your attic to life, Alliston Self Storage is here to help, and we are conveniently located right off the highway. If and when you need extra storage space, please feel free to reach out to our team for a free consultation.


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