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Considering Retiring in the Near Future? Self-Storage May Make the Transition Easier

Are you gearing up to retire in the upcoming months? If you are planning to do so, you may be going through a variety of emotions while making this life-altering decision. Chances are you are excited but you probably have feelings of doubt and/or fear as to whether or not you are “ready”.  Similarly you may wonder what in the world you’ll do with all of this free time? Many homeowners will consider downsizing during this transition to avoid the utility and maintenance costs of a large home.  It is well known that retirement can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling, but there are many changes to bear in mind, so it is best to be well-prepared for these adjustments well in advance of retirement.

storage for retirement

Are you hoping to travel once retired?  If you do hope to follow your travelling dreams following retirement you may be toying with the idea of selling your home. Turning to a self-storage facility to help with the overflow of your belongings, may be the perfect option to assist with your move. Protect your precious items while you’re travelling and store them securely in one of our quality storage units. If your goal is to simply downsize you living situation, we are happy to provide additional space for those belongings you’re not quite ready to get rid of yet. It can be difficult moving into a smaller home as you’ll naturally have more belongings to deal with. Unless you have a dry and secure space to keep seasonal items, keepsakes, electronics, and old photographs, get in touch with a self-storage facility in Alliston to learn more about alternative options.


When retirement comes knocking on the door, without adequate savings and a good pension, it is probable that you will have financial deliberations to sort out; downsizing your property is ideal if you could benefit from additional financial freedom. Staying on top of daily house maintenance such as gardening, dishes and vacuuming can become more difficult as we age; downsizing means less “house” to manage as a whole and more relaxation! With that in mind however, you still need a place to keep all of your possessions. Placing items in self-storage that are not essential to have at your side will keep your house clutter-free and organized, while protected from damage.


Alliston SELF STORAGE provides self- storage options that can be used as long or as short as you need them. No need to stress about vacationing for the winter season, or finding a new home with enough space to fit your belongings. If you decide to use our self-storage solutions, you will immediately enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your items are secure and safe in our climate controlled storage unit. We also have implemented, industry leading security measures including video surveillance and computerized gate access, to ensure access is only granted to those authorized clients, only.  Our team will never hold you to any long-term commitments; we work with our clients to determine storage services appropriate for your unique needs.

We understand that transitioning to a new home can be challenging and stressful enough, between the memories and keepsakes you’ve collected throughout the years; we are happy we can offer our clients a nearby facility to store belongings, giving you time and space to situate yourself in your new home. Off-site storage solutions are in place to remove stress; instead of making rushed decisions that you may regret down the road, you can take the time you need to figure out exactly what household belongings you want and have space for. Our storage services are extremely flexible in the sense that you may change your terms of storage unit size, as requested without financial consequences. If you are in the Alliston region, we ae more than happy assist you in your relocation, and want to do everything possible to make this transition a smooth one for you!

With retirement in mind, don’t forget how cost-effective and convenient Alliston SELF STORAGE can be during your move. Alliston SELF STORAGE offers storage units that are warm and dry, at the same cost of cold storage. If you’d like to visit our facility in person to familiarize yourself, we welcome visitors any time and will walk you through the facility answering any questions.

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