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How to Keep a Storage Unit Clean

How to Keep a Storage Unit Clean

There are many reasons why it is necessary to clean your storage unit properly. For one, cleaning your storage unit provides you with the chance to identify things that you do not need anymore and, therefore, can reduce unnecessary clutter. It also makes sorting through the items easier since you will be able to recognize items by their specific container. Another advantage is that cleaning your storage unit makes you more organized and efficient.


So what are all the important things you need to do in order to get that perfectly organized storage unit? Below you will find helpful tips on how to clean & organize your storage unit.


Getting Started

When you are getting started, it’s a good idea to try and get a rough idea of what is in the storage unit and how you are going to organize the items once they are sorted through. Figure out how you want the storage unit to look and function so when you get to the organizing, you know exactly what you need to do as well as what items you are planning on keeping.


The next thing you need to do is pick an area where you think is an excellent place to start, so you can quickly grab items and open the boxes to see what’s in them and can add them to your inventory list you had started earlier. If it’s a big job, make sure you get help from family and friends to ensure the job gets done with ease instead of being complicated and stressful.


Sort & Organize

Now is the time to start taking everything out, as we talked about above. The best way to sort things out is to use the three categories: keep, sell, and throw away. This helps remove unnecessary clutter of items that you really don’t need anymore and keeps your storage unit more organized.


Once you have sorted your items, you should plan how to organize them. One way you can organize your items is to place them in compartments that are labelled. By doing this, you will be able to locate a specific item quickly instead of searching for a particular thing over again. By organizing your storage items in an organized fashion, you can ensure that they will be able to be properly stored when you plan to take them out of your unit or plan to rearrange them.


Cleaning the Unit

Once your items are sorted, you can start cleaning up your unit by removing debris, dirt, and debris. This can be done using a feather duster, or you can always use dry rags or newspapers. Once you are finished cleaning, make sure to collect all the garbage bags and items you wish to get rid of so you can throw them away properly.


It will no longer take you hours to search for that one item; you will find it easier now that your unit is clean and organized.


Are you looking for a new storage unit? Contact Alliston Self Storage today!

Self Storage Tips for First-Time Renters

Self Storage Tips for First-Time Renters

If you are a first-time renter, you probably have many questions about self-storage and where you need to start to find the perfect storage unit for you. Reading this article will give you some good self-storage tips. However, before we go into the tips discussed below, you should understand exactly what self-storage is. In this industry, self-storage (a shortened term for, and sometimes referred to as, temporary storage facility or storage unit) is a niche market in which storage units are rented, typically on a month-to-month basis.


Storage Rental Tips

Find the Best Storage Facility


Finding a storage facility is the first thing you need to do, so do your research. There are a few things that you should look for in a storage facility.


Well Lit – If a storage facility isn’t properly lit, it can get dark, making it difficult for you to find items in your storage unit.


Security Features – As far as protecting your items is concerned, make sure that the storage facility has certain security features such as a fully fenced facility, a locked gate, and video surveillance.


Storage Deals – One thing you should consider is storage unit deals since you can sometimes find good prices.

Choosing the Right Unit Size


When picking a storage unit size, you need to think of the amount of stuff you need to store. There are various size storage units available, and there is no point in getting a larger unit if you aren’t going to fill it and you don’t want to stress that you won’t have enough storage by renting a unit that is too small.


Creating a list of things you need to store can help you get a good estimate of what you need to store. Some self-storage facilities even offer tools like size guides or space estimators to help you find that perfect size.

Heated or Non-Heated Storage


When it comes to types of storage, there are all kinds. Two, in particular, are heated storage or non-heated storage. Are there certain items that you would be worried about being too cold in the winter months? Then heated storage is the type of storage unit you would be looking for, but if you aren’t worried about the cold, then a normal non-heated unit could be an option.

Packing and Organizing Storage Unit Tips


Label Your Boxes – It would be helpful if you also labelled the storage boxes. This will help you identify which box goes where so that you can locate it quickly when you need it. Clearly label the contents of the box if you’re using a common one. However, if you are using individual boxes, simply write what the contents are so that you know what to expect when opening the box.


Wrap Certain Items – If you store breakable items, it is best to wrap something around them. Some examples would be newspapers for dishes or an old blanket for a mirror.


Items You Shouldn’t Store – Some items should not be stored. One of them being precious items. If it’s something that you couldn’t bear losing, then it’s better to be on the safe side and not store it in a unit. Another thing you should avoid storing is perishable items; this is because they can attract animals and even damage items when they go bad.


Pack Things Away with a Purpose – When it comes to packing things away in your storage unit, finally, don’t just throw things in there. Make a plan of where certain items will be stored, so you know exactly where everything is. It is also beneficial to leave an aisle down the middle to get to your items more easily.


All our tips on renting your first storage unit are now in your hands. Contact us through our online form or give us a call (705) 433-3131 if you’re ready to rent one today.

Advantages to Having a Summer Storage Unit

Advantages to Having a Summer Storage Unit

With summer almost here, it’s time to start those preparations so you can make the best out of your time. Using a storage unit for the summer can be a good way for you to prepare for summertime and everything that comes with it. These rentals are becoming a popular thing for homeowners to do. So we are going to take you through each advantage of renting a storage unit for the summertime.

Clear out your Garage

With the warm weather on the way, and summer is the best time to sort out your garage. A garage is always filled with all sorts of different things. All you need to do is figure out all the things you need to keep and the things you still want to keep but may not need access to on a regular basis.

For example, being in Canada, most of us use winter tires during the winter months. Instead of storing them at home in the garage, use a storage unit, so you know they are in a safe place until you need them again when the snow comes back.

Winter Gear & Clothes

Everyone has winter gear or clothes that they don’t use in the summertime. These can be things like sports equipment (hockey sticks, skates, snowboards, skis, etc.), Sleds, and all sorts of winter clothes. They can take up so much space in the house or the garage, especially if you have a large family. This room could be used to store all your summer gear.

Friend and Family Visits

Summertime tends to be filled with visits from family and friends, or maybe you even have children coming home on their college break. By using a summer storage unit, you can make extra room by putting things into storage that you would typically be storing at home. So you can make room and host all the family and friends that plan to visit.

College Students

Do you have kids that are in college? It can be frustrating having to bring back all of their belongings (bedding, decor, electronics, school supplies, furniture, etc.) every summer than bringing them back once summer is over. So why not rent a storage unit? Make it easier on yourself. Renting a summer storage unit means you can store all their belongings right by their college until they go back to school.


Maybe this summer, you are going on vacation and are worried about your valuables being at risk for theft while you are away. Using a storage unit to protect your belongings gives you the security knowing that they will be safe, and you can get back to enjoying your vacation.
Heated Self Storage

Sometimes you might be storing furniture or other items in your house because you’re worried that they might get ruined if you put them into storage. But if you don’t need those items all year round or plan to store those items beyond the summer months, choosing a heated storage unit is actually one of the best guarantees that everything in your storage unit will come out precisely the way you put it in.

Now you know all the advantages that come with renting a unit for the summertime. If you have any questions about storage rentals, you can contact Alliston Self Storage, and we will be happy to help.

Spring Cleaning? Consider How a Self-Storage Unit Could Help

a woman packing up items

As the warmer weather approaches and we say goodbye to the white stuff for good ( hopefully), you may be anticipating everything that comes with Spring. From gardening, to nature hikes, to boxing away your winter items, it’s the perfect time to say goodbye to the old and embrace the new!


Like many Alliston residents, If ridding of clutter and spring cleaning is on your list of things to do, consider turning to Alliston Self Storage. We make spring cleaning easy by offering our client storage solutions that are secure, cost effective and conveniently located so you always have access to your important belongings. There are so many benefits to renting a self storage unit, and best of all you can choose from plenty of size options to meet your storage requirements and budget.


How Can a Self-Storage Unit Help with Spring Cleaning?


Store Potential Yard Sale Items


It’s no secret that a storage unit provides the perfect solution for removing items from your home that aren’t currently needed. If you plan to sell various possessions, a storage unit can keep them protected and out of your way, until you’re ready to host a yard sale or or sell them online.  Not only does this free up space in your home, but it keeps these items together and organized in the mean-time so you’re not looking aimlessly for those particular items when the time comes. You know exactly where they are; safe and sound in storage.


Store Seasonal Clothing


Too often than not, residents store their winter clothing in a closet or basement storage area, only to cause more mess and chaos in their home. Storing seasonal items such as winter gear and clothing provides you with more space to access items you’ll actually be using on an ongoing basis, such as gardening tools, camping equipment, patio cushions, outdoor toys etc. When you find yourself needing more room in your basement or closet, it may make sense to store those bulky winter items off-site at a secure facility.  Heavy coats, boots, and sweaters can take up an awful lot of space. Remove this unnecessary nuisance by renting a storage unit for the spring and summer seasons.


Remove Old Clutter


A storage unit can also provide a great means of dealing with clutter that you’re not quite ready to part with just yet. Perhaps you have some old antique furniture that was passed along to you that you don’t necessarily use at the moment but would like to hang onto for sentimental reasons or future use. Alternatively, maybe you have some artwork that’s currently taking up space, or some collectibles like comic books that are only taking up shelf space you’d rather keep for your favourite books. Store all of these items effortlessly at Alliston Self Storage, and enjoy the newfound peace and accomplishment that comes with decluttering!


How Alliston Self Storage Can Help 


Now that you’re informed of the many perks associated with self-storage, how do you choose the right storage provider as you carry out your spring cleaning?


Here are just a few reasons why Alliston Self Storage is a reputable and trusted storage facility in the Alliston region.




When you store your seasonal items at our self-storage facility,  they are continuously accessible for your convenience during normal access hours. In an effort to keep our facility secure and your items protected, we provide each one of our clients with an individual security pass card, allowing entrance to our facility through our security gates. If you have new belongings to add to your unit or wish to retrieve belongings, it is never an issue.


Heated Storage


We’ve mentioned common items to store away while you spring clean such as clothing, artwork, furniture, and collectibles. These objects have one important thing in common; extreme temperatures and conditions could have damaging effects on all of them. To combat this risk, we offer heated storage units. Choose from both heated and non-heated units, based on what you’ll be storing.  In either case, we guarantee your belongings will remain in top shape during your chosen storage duration.




Our facility is well-lit and video monitored, so you don’t have to worry about your safety or the safety of your storage unit at any hour of the day. As mentioned, access is only granted to those with pass card authority so you can rest assured your belongings are out of reach from theft and fully protected while they are stored at our facility.


When you choose to store your items with Alliston Self Storage, your spring cleaning will get a whole lot easier! Contact us today to discuss your self storage needs and how we can help make the transition a smooth and stress-free experience. Call a member of our team at 705-435-3131 or alternatively a href=””>contact us through email.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Keeping Your Storage Unit Organized

As storage units get filled up over time, it may be easy to place your belongings in the first spot available, which leads to disarray and misplaced items. This will eventually lead to your unit looking like some ancient cache of lost artifacts whenever you try and find your way through it. Obviously, this is an undesirable outcome for your storage unit and can be time consuming for you. Below we have several organization tips to get the most out of your storage unit.

a storage unit with a number of boxes

Create a system

The first step is to choose an organization system for grouping items. This is going to vary in terms of the items you keep in your storage unit, but this is a good place to start! Firstly, categorize your items into groups. If you’re downsizing your house, for example, you could group items by room. Alternatively, if you are storing seasonal equipment, then grouping it by season would be a good idea. Whatever you settle on, make sure you keep it consistent and don’t start mixing items around.

Mark out some space

From here you’ll need to designate space for each category you’ve chosen. The amount of space required is going to depend on how much needs to be stored. Do whatever makes sense for what you have but try and keep each area to an even size. Avoid weird tetris shapes as much as you can, but a few L shapes along the corners might be just fine. Make sure you leave space down the center of your unit so you can walk through unobstructed, and even leave some work room between sections to indicate different sections.

Create a checklist

Afterwards, we suggest getting some paper and making a chart of your storage unit. Roughly sketch out your unit and where each of your categories are going. From here a great idea is to make a note of every item within each category. There are times when you forget what’s been put into storage and what isn’t. Creating a detailed list like this will help you to stay on top of your items.

Find Storage

These suggestions are all well and good but they won’t help you if you don’t even have a storage unit to use. Getting one really is the first step along the way. Check out the units we offer to find the one that works best for you. Afterwards, reach out to us to start renting.


Portable Storage Containers: Right To Your Doorstep

There are occasions where it is impractical to load up all your belongings, drive out to a self storage facility and begin unpacking. You may have too much to transport or you may be short on time. This is not an ideal situation when you really need a storage unit but you are lacking on time. What if we lived in a world where storage could come right to you?



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We Won: Alliston Herald, Readers Choice Award

Alliston Self Storage is honoured to announce that we have won the Alliston Heralds 2020 Readers Choice Award for Best Storage Facility! We’re so proud of this accomplishment and the continued praise from the community. This award has reaffirmed our continued effort of exceeding client expectations and offering exceptional customer service.

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The Best Christmas Gift Hiding Spots

It’s that time of year, and despite the current situation, Christmas is fast approaching, which means gifts of all kinds are being purchased. These gifts, more valuable than gold to the kids that will be receiving them, will be a driving force in their minds. Many a treasure hunt will be conducted in an attempt to discern their locations and contents. So what is a crafty hider of loot supposed to do in the face of these implacable odds? There’s only one thing for it: you must choose your spot(s) wisely.

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Summers Off, Winters On: Storing Your Summer Tires

The snow arrived, as of writing this there is a healthy amount of snow on the ground as a definitive sign that winter is arriving. For those of us who have been keeping an eye on the calendar, and remembering which country we live in, the change in weather is no surprise, and our winter tires are on and ready to go. Some have been caught out and are rushing to get their vehicles ready for the winter roads. Despite the rush, it’s important to put your summer tires away properly now, so in the spring you can get on the road without issue.

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Storing Your Camping Gear For Winter

With the temperatures dropping and the leaves falling, one fact is abundantly clear: winter is coming. For many that means it is time to begin switching from your warm weather activities to your winter activities. Camping is one activity most put a halt too once the weather turns cold, although some do engage in winter camping. It is important to make sure you’ve put your camping gear away properly so you can get right back into it next year.

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