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Why Rent A Storage Unit?

There are many storage facilities available these days, of varying quantities and capabilities. Many people search out for just such a place, and for varying reasons, though some people may not know why. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of storage space, but there are other reasons to use such a facility. Security, specialized units, and increased space are all the common reasons to rent a storage unit.

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Keeping Bugs, And Rodents Out Of Your Storage Unit

There’s few things worse than opening up your storage unit to retrieve some items and finding out that you have some unwelcome visitors. Bugs, mice, etc, have a tendency to show up where they are not welcome. Storage units can offer an ideal environment for these critters, providing enclosed areas for shelter, material for nests, and protection from large predators. While that’s all good for them, it’s not good for you, so we need to try and keep them out of our storage units. Before you run out and start buying up traps, and poisons, here are some suggestions to set yourself up for success, and hopefully ward off any critters looking to make a home in your space.

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Storage Unit Organization Tips

Nightmare storage units are out there, as any one who has watched those storage unit TV shows, or spent any amount of time in a storage facility can attest to. Units that are filled to the ceiling with boxes, junk, and assorted randomness. It makes accessing the unit really difficult, if not outright impossible at times. The key to keeping your storage unit working for you is proper organization technique.

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Using Old Storage Boxes To Make Box Forts

So you’ve been in self isolation for several weeks now and are running out of things to do. Maybe you’ve got a couple kids bouncing off the walls and your attempts to entertain them have come to a point where the ideas have dried up. Now, one advantage you have at your disposal is time, far too much of it in fact. Another resource you might just have at your disposal is cardboard boxes left over from that storage unit you just got. Now what can you do with these two powers combined? Behold: the cardboard box fort.

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Preparing Your Car For Long Term Storage

Do you have a favourite car you only use for part of the year? Maybe you own a nice classic that only gets taken out once in a blue moon to preserve its good condition. Whatever the situation, there comes a time when it’s time to put your ride to sleep for a while. If you want it to wake up in the same condition it went in, you’re going to have to prepare your car for long term storage properly.

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Storing Your Collectibles Properly

Not everybody who looks into getting a self storage unit does so with the intention of filling it up with junk. Sometimes they aren’t even moving or have limited space at home where they can’t even move with how much stuff there is. The motivation for some extra space can simply be having a safe spot to store some precious items. Collectibles in particular are items that we may want to keep a little more secure, or often require some special considerations for. So, when storing are precious collections we’re going to do it properly to avoid damaging them.

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Outboard Motor Winterization Tips

With temperatures dropping and the signs of winter well on the way, we boat owners are faced with the sad fact that it is time to put the boats to bed. Seeing them blocked up and covered over beneath a deep layer of snow is one of the more depressing sights of a boat owner. Before we can truly tuck the boat in for its hibernation, there are several things we have to take care of in order to ensure it makes it through the winter without any difficulties. One of those things is winterizing the motor properly, specifically we will look at outboard motor winterizing before storing them.

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