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Advantage of Renting a Winter Storage Unit



Every day thousands of products are in the market, and we somehow end up buying quite a portion of them but storing them becomes a tedious task. In winters, keeping the stuff safe from the cold is a huge struggle, but people often avoid renting a storage unit, not knowing the help it can provide.

Why do you need Storage Units?

We believe in traditional ways of storing our goods and keeping them stuffed in a storage room as we are worried that they might not be safe at any other place. Still, as the needs have changed, we can not possibly store our possessions in a mannered way without stuffing them in an area. Which usually ends up harming the age and quality of the materials.


Here are some advantages of storage units that might change your overview

– If you plan to move, this might be an excellent option to store your prized possessions temporarily. Moving can be a tiring process, and it may take a while for you to make adjustments at your new place. In such conditions, renting a storage unit will help you eliminate the stress.

– Are you making changes to your house for the changing season? Renovating your home becomes chaotic when you have plenty of stuff to move around. Some furniture often is damaged while moving it here and there, and this is where renting storage becomes crucial so that you do not welcome unwanted stress for yourself.

– If you are worried about your stuff being affected by the winter, in that case, you don’t have to bother about it anymore as we provide heated storage units, also the traditional non-heated options are available.

– Storage units provide you with a wide range of sizes, and they are entirely safe with fencing and video surveillance, making 100% sure that your goods are secure.

– Cost-effective services, at Alliston Self Storage, we provide you with these services at a reasonable price so that you do not have to worry about your belongings.

– Creating space at home, has your home become too crowded lately? Moving some stuff to a storage unit can help you make your home look spacious and even welcoming for some required changes.

– You do not have to worry about signing a long-term lease as, at Alliston Self Storage, we provide you with month-to-month basis storage units for rent.


Things to keep in mind:

– Ensure you reach out to the service provider and consult the timings for moving-in and moving-out beforehand to avoid inconvenience.

– Choose a trusted and reliable service provider like Alliston Self Storage.

– Also, you need to discuss what kind of stuff you can store and what things you can not store in the storage unit.

– Discuss the required documents with the company so that you are well-prepared and do not face any issues in the process of renting.

– Check the sizes of storage units yourself before shifting, as you do not want the storage to be bigger or smaller than the place you require.

Now, mark your stuff and get ready to make some space. Get the packing started since you know that it is an excellent steal for you to store the belongings in a secure place at a reasonable price.

If you require self-storage units, Alliston self-storage can help. Contact us today for more information.

Is Secure Self Storage Right for You? Here is All You Need to Know

Secure self-storage has become a necessity for many people during these tough financial times. Self-storage units are an inexpensive way to store your belongings when a house or apartment is too expensive or simply not available. These services also offer a great place to store extra stuff which you no longer need in your home but don’t have enough room to have at your new residence. Here are the things to consider while choosing a self-secure storage service.

1. Never Go for the Wrong Size Unit

When you are considering renting a secured storage unit, make sure you choose the right one. There is no common measurement for storage units, but they all can be classified based on the size of the room. A 20-foot unit is considered standard; however, it will differ from place to place.

2. Always Research the Storage Facility

When it comes to covering your valuables, you have to have the right storage services for the job. While there are several different facilities out there, not all of them are worth your business. If you want to ensure that you are getting the best possible service, you should always research the facility before you sign any contracts or pay any money. The best way to avoid those potential disasters is to conduct thorough research before handing over those valuables to any storage company.

3. Always Keep Your Storage Unit Organized

The organization is a key factor in having a pleasant storage experience and starting from having a clean, dry, and pest-free storage unit and making the best use of the space by storing the items as organized as you can.

Spend the extra time and effort to keep your storage unit orderly and secure, and you will find it easier and more pleasant to use. Make sure that things don’t get buried under other things – pull out a few things at a time and clean or sort them as you go, so they will be easy to put back.


The storage facility is the best and convenient way to store your possessions. It provides you with an extra sense of security and safety that is hard to replicate elsewhere, and this is the reason we have decided to provide self-storage units for your belongings.


Alliston Self Secure storage has a moment-of-truth appeal. Our facility offers a wide range of sizes in both heated and traditional non-heated drive-up self-storage units. Security features include lit exterior grounds, controlled access with card or combination code access, 24/7 video monitoring of all common areas, and electronic gate access. We offer a wide range of locker sizes to suit your storage needs, both inside and outside. Check us out now: <Self Storage Units | Storage Facilities at Alliston Self Storage.

Common Self Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Hallway with storage units inside a storage facility

With more people living in small apartments, it can be hard to find enough space for everything they own and use. Since the demand for extra space is increasing to store all their items, people now rely on self-storage units.

Self-storage has been around for quite some time now. The reason why self-storage units are popular is that they offer a lot of flexibility to the renter, whether you need an extra place to store all your belongings, or maybe need it for a couple of months to make room for guests or if you are moving to a new house. If you are new to renting self-storage units, then here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Picking the Wrong Size Unit

The first common mistake is choosing the wrong size unit. When you rent a unit, you want to make sure you have just the right amount of space that you need. Don’t spend money on extra space you’re not going to use. Running out of room isn’t great either. So take the time to write out a list of items you wish to store; this can help you figure out the right amount of space you require and pick the perfect unit size.

Missing Out on Heated Storage

A great feature that self-storage units have nowadays is heated storage, which is excellent if you are storing items that wouldn’t do well in the cold. With heated storage, you can protect your most sensitive items from temperature damage.

Research the Storage Facility

Lastly, not doing your research is another mistake many people make before renting a storage unit. Doing your homework about the storage facility is essential to know precisely what you are getting and make sure you are receiving what you need. If you want a heated storage unit, you need to ensure that the storage facility offers it.

When looking into the storage facility, make sure to check what kind of security they have. Things like video surveillance, well-lit storage facilities, fully fenced-in, and computerized gate access are all essential security features they should have.

Not Organizing Your Unit

Let’s start with not organizing your items. It’s essential to keep your storage unit organized, so you never have to spend hours trying to find that one item you need. Instead, sort everything into categories and store them accordingly. Ensure that the boxes you are storing have labels to know what everything is in that box.

Another way to help keep things organized is to sort through all your items at least once a year and eliminate items you no longer need. Doing this enables you to remove clutter and make room for new items.

The last thing to keep in mind to keep your self-storage unit organized is to keep room down the middle so you can walk through your unit quickly. This allows you to get to your items easily, no matter where they are in the storage unit.

If you are looking for a self-storage unit, then look no further. Contact Alliston Self Storage today.

Summer Equipment Storage Guide

Summer Equipment Storage Guide

With the summer coming to an end and the cold weather starting to approach, you know it’s time to prepare for the upcoming season. It’s time to store golf clubs, kayaks, and everything else you need for the months ahead. One great way to save on storing these things is to rent a storage unit that is fully equipped to store all your summer gear. A storage unit for equipment is a safe, secure place to store your things so they’ll last through the entire year. Here are some helpful tips on putting your summer equipment into a storage unit that will keep it safe for the long haul.


Storage Unit


The first step to taking care of your equipment properly is to find the perfect storage unit. When looking for a unit, it’s a great idea to think about all the equipment or items you want to be stored for the year. Do you have sports equipment? Are you storing kayaks, ATVs, or any other kind of large items? That way, you know how large of a storage unit you will need to store all your items comfortably. Another thing to consider is if you would like a heated or non-heated storage unit, heated units are perfect if you are concerned about your items being too cold during the winter months.


Storage facility security is also important when choosing a unit. You want to ensure that the facility has security features to ensure your unit is safe from harm. These features could be security cameras, fenced-in facilities, and computerized gate access.


If you already have a unit, that’s great! You already have the first step done.


Make a List


Next, figure out how many items you’ll need to keep in the storage unit and make sure to write down each item you are storing away. That way, if you are ever looking for something or when next year comes around, you will know everything that is in the storage unit. Also, when you are ready next year to take things out of the unit, you can check off each item as you take them out, so you know that everything you stored away is there.


Dry & Clean


Keeping your equipment clean and dry is essential to minimizing damage to your gear. Summer is notorious for extremely hot and humid conditions, so you need to ensure your items stay clean and dry. Using a mild soap and water to wash your items down and completely rinse them off is a great way to make sure your gear stays clean and ready to go when you need it. Likewise, using a mild detergent to wash your gear will also help keep the gear cleaner and more efficient. Keep in mind that any cleaning solutions you use should be soap and water-based.




When storing your summer equipment, you also need to keep your items organized. Don’t simply toss anything in a container. Make sure you label everything and place sizes on the containers to make it easier to locate things. Keeping things organized and within easy reach will reduce the amount of time you have to spend searching for your gear when summer starts next year.


Now you have all the tips and tricks for storing away your summer equipment and items for the summer so you can be prepared when the time comes.


Are you interested in renting a storage unit? Contact us today!

How to Keep a Storage Unit Clean

How to Keep a Storage Unit Clean

There are many reasons why it is necessary to clean your storage unit properly. For one, cleaning your storage unit provides you with the chance to identify things that you do not need anymore and, therefore, can reduce unnecessary clutter. It also makes sorting through the items easier since you will be able to recognize items by their specific container. Another advantage is that cleaning your storage unit makes you more organized and efficient.


So what are all the important things you need to do in order to get that perfectly organized storage unit? Below you will find helpful tips on how to clean & organize your storage unit.


Getting Started

When you are getting started, it’s a good idea to try and get a rough idea of what is in the storage unit and how you are going to organize the items once they are sorted through. Figure out how you want the storage unit to look and function so when you get to the organizing, you know exactly what you need to do as well as what items you are planning on keeping.


The next thing you need to do is pick an area where you think is an excellent place to start, so you can quickly grab items and open the boxes to see what’s in them and can add them to your inventory list you had started earlier. If it’s a big job, make sure you get help from family and friends to ensure the job gets done with ease instead of being complicated and stressful.


Sort & Organize

Now is the time to start taking everything out, as we talked about above. The best way to sort things out is to use the three categories: keep, sell, and throw away. This helps remove unnecessary clutter of items that you really don’t need anymore and keeps your storage unit more organized.


Once you have sorted your items, you should plan how to organize them. One way you can organize your items is to place them in compartments that are labelled. By doing this, you will be able to locate a specific item quickly instead of searching for a particular thing over again. By organizing your storage items in an organized fashion, you can ensure that they will be able to be properly stored when you plan to take them out of your unit or plan to rearrange them.


Cleaning the Unit

Once your items are sorted, you can start cleaning up your unit by removing debris, dirt, and debris. This can be done using a feather duster, or you can always use dry rags or newspapers. Once you are finished cleaning, make sure to collect all the garbage bags and items you wish to get rid of so you can throw them away properly.


It will no longer take you hours to search for that one item; you will find it easier now that your unit is clean and organized.


Are you looking for a new storage unit? Contact Alliston Self Storage today!