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Portable Storage Containers: Right To Your Doorstep

There are occasions where it is impractical to load up all your belongings, drive out to a self storage facility and begin unpacking. You may have too much to transport or you may be short on time. This is not an ideal situation when you really need a storage unit but you are lacking on time. What if we lived in a world where storage could come right to you?



portable storage containers



Well, luckily for you, Alliston Self Storage is now offering portable storage containers that are delivered to your location on your schedule. The wonders of the modern age continue! No doubt that sounds great, but some details are always useful, aren’t they? Let’s look into how this whole process works.


We Deliver

First things first. Get in touch with us and hash out the details of what you need, when, and where. We’ll load up one of our containers onto our truck and set out to bring you your storage containers. When we arrive, we’ll maneuver to the appropriate position and unload the container for you. From here we hand things over to you!


You Load

With the container deposited where it needs to be, it’s your turn for a bit of leg work. At this point, you will load up the container with whatever you intend to store there. No need to rush through this, we’re not imposing any timelines on you! It can be difficult to estimate how much you can fit into a unit, but we have a tool available you can use to try and get a good idea. Refer to the size of our portable containers to help you really nail down what you can do.


You Keep It, Or We Take It

Once it’s been all packed away nicely you have to make a decision on where the container will be kept. You’re more than welcome to keep it at your location if that is what you want to do. If your intention is to have easy access to your items, then that is a good choice. If you simply want it all gone so you can open up space, then we can take it back to our storage facility.


We Store It

When it arrives back to our facility, if that was your wish, we’ll store it at our secure location. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of security to keep all your belongings safe. A high fence, security cameras, and computerized access are some of the measures we take to keep a secure facility.



If you’re interested in a portable storage container, reach out to us with any questions you might have!