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The Best Christmas Gift Hiding Spots

It’s that time of year, and despite the current situation, Christmas is fast approaching, which means gifts of all kinds are being purchased. These gifts, more valuable than gold to the kids that will be receiving them, will be a driving force in their minds. Many a treasure hunt will be conducted in an attempt to discern their locations and contents. So what is a crafty hider of loot supposed to do in the face of these implacable odds? There’s only one thing for it: you must choose your spot(s) wisely.

wrapped christmas presents

Choosing Your Gift Hiding Spots

Naturally, the options you have available to you will depend on your residents, but all places have some common locations.

A Closet

The old classic, a simple closet, is perhaps the most common option available to people. It provides different elevation options through shelving and the other items stored there. Speaking of the other items, they offer great camouflage for any gifts that are being stored. Space does tend to be at a premium in some closets, a big walk-in has this to a lesser degree of course. There is one major drawback of using the closet though, and that’s how obvious of a location it is. Something else might be required to deflect the intrepid treasure hunters’ attempt at an early Christmas.

An Attic

This one is a bit more out of reach for the little ones, due to their short stature you understand. This is a great out of the way spot that has severe accessibility restrictions for the little ones. While it may be a trifle inconvenient to work up there, space allowing, or to retrieve items, you can certainly rest easy with your gift security. Certain adventurous types may gain access here, especially if access to the attic is easy, but it is certainly more secure then the closet. If the inconvenience is too much for you, what’s another spot you could use?

The Garage

Lockable, typically filled with obstacles, but still easy access for an adult, the garage could be right up your alley. Most of the time it will be locked up, especially if it is a detached garage, which is great for barring entry to looters. Should ingress occur by an adventuring party, an obstacle course of miscellaneous items will be before them, most of which having a strength threshold above that of even the most committed. Good stout shelving provides a high ground advantage should it be necessary to thwart the most stalwart of treasure seekers.

All of these places have one common issue though: they’re all on-site, and that means they’re accessible. 

Off-Site Storage

For maximum present security, you need some form of off-site storage to truly bamboozle any would be present seekers. A heated unit will also keep any kind of sensitive items in good condition before the big day. Being off-site means they will have no access whatsoever to the goods, and their attempts at breaking security will be foiled before it even begins. Truly, your defence will be unbreakable now.


Happy gift hiding!