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Selling Old Items From Storage

There comes a time when we must face the fact that we have far, far too much stuff. For many people that can be a hard truth to face, but face it we must, and something must be done. The idea of simply throwing stuff out can seem a waste to some, while others may simply not care. A solution that can appeal to most people would be to simply sell off old items and make a little money off it. Now not everyone has had experience with running sales, so it may seem a daunting process, but we’re going to provide some ideas that may help you along the way.

First, Get The Word Out

As you may realize, a successful sale requires customers, and customers means people. If nobody knows about your sale then no one will show up. So how does the word get out? For starters tell your friends and family, they can pass it on to others for you, and they may well be interested in some items themselves. You can put up paper flies to advertise the time and location, and they do work, but they can be wasteful. A better alternative would be to post online in local groups on social media, it’s less wasteful and can reach a more targeted audience.


Make Your Plans Ahead Of Time

The last thing you want to do is wing it, even if you happen to be the type that can do so well. Sort out how you are pricing everything, you don’t want to have no idea how much something costs when asked. Figure out how you are going to handle transactions while you’re at it. Will you do it all in cash, if you are then have some change on hand. What about through electronic means, there are plenty of options out there for individuals to do electronic transactions.


Take Care With Your Presentation

First impressions count for a lot with people, if they arrive at your sale and see everything haphazardly spread out in a great unorganized mess, they won’t think very much of what you’re doing. Plan out your organization, ensure it makes sense and is well presented. If everything is put together well, you might very well have better sales at the end of the day.


Take Consideration For The Crowds

You may have more or less people then you anticipate, so some considerations need to be made ahead of time. For one thing you’ll need to keep an eye on things, it’s no good if people can pocket some things while you’re not looking. Additionally you don’t want to be overwhelmed by a crowd, keep it manageable and within your comfort zone.


And there we have it, some tips to get you on your way. When your storage units are overflowing, and you’ve run out of space at the house, it’s time to sell off some things.