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Keep Your Storage Unit Secure and Safe

When you make the decision to use off-site self-storage, one of the biggest advantages is that your items are essential “out of slight, out of mind”. In the same sense, however, this benefit could also be a disadvantage if you haven’t prepared your storage unit efficiently. For peace of mind, it’s important that you store belongings in a safe manner that guarantees the highest level of security. So what’s the best approach that ensures you are in fact getting the most out of your self-storage experience?


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Alliston Self Storage has some valuable tips on how to decide what storage facility is reliable and professional, as well as how to properly secure the items you plan to store away.

To Start… Partner with a Reputable and Trustworthy Self-Storage Provider


It’s extremely advisable that you do your research and choose a reputable and experienced storage provider, before committing to any service contracts. Simply browse through their website for information on their services, customer reviews, and to familiarize yourself with the particular security measures offered. If you cannot locate this information, don’t hesitate to contact the company directly. Furthermore, many self-storage companies provide free tours of the facility, so if this is something that interests you, take the opportunity to learn about the facility and the amenities provided first-hand in person.


Here are a few aspects to consider and look for:


A well-maintained and clean storage facility

– Gated facility with restricted security code access
– 24-hour security and management in place
– Well-lit property
– Video surveillance monitors the entire property
– Storage units have their own alarm system

Secondly… Carefully Arrange Your Unit to Limit Risk of Damage

– If possible, placing a skid or pallet on the ground of your unit means items aren’t resting directly on the floor which is most ideal.
– Shelter your belongings with cloth covers or wrap them in quality plastic to keep them safe from dust and bugs.
– Valuable items should be carefully stored at the back of your unit so they aren’t easily identified by would-be thieves.
– Work with boxes you can stack easily and those that are approximately the same size for easy stacking.
– Fills your boxes up as much as possible – packing them until they’re entirely full will stop them from caving in.
– Keep your stack of boxes at a manageable height to avoid tumbling. If they reach the ceiling you will have a pretty difficult time trying to access anything, and belongings are at a greater risk of damage since there is more likelihood boxes could fall.
– Place shelving units in your storage unit so you have the convenience of easy organization.
– Visit your unit on a regular routine to confirm that your items are still in good condition.

Finally…Use a Quality Lock for Your Storage Unit

What good is a storage unit without security? While facilities incorporate their own security measures, it is encouraged that as a customer you purchase a quality lock that will last to further your security and peace of mind.  Consider purchasing a disc-lock for your storage unit because they cannot be cut off and therefore provide better security than other locks.


Alliston Self Storage will gladly assist you in determining the best storage unit for your needs and in ensuring you have adequate security in place as well. Please visit our size guide to learn more about the available unit sizes you can select from.


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